Viggo Saving Amphibian Eggs

Viggo loves! What does he loves? He loves so many things, it would be hard to mention them all here.  I asked Viggo for his help, and he says, “in just a moment, I’m saving frog’s eggs right now.”  We have pools that dry up around us and if we don’t scoop up the eggs and put them in our pond or our neighbor’s pond they will die. I love that Viggo does this on his own.  I love that he insists that I touch the gelatinous eggs. As I touch them, a flashback of my childhood comes to me, dappled sunlight, cool boggy waters, dragon flies, lush green, a  jubilee of critters dancing as I peer into these waters of my childhood.  These swamps and ponds are the excitement of possible, hope incarnate, these treasures woven into me. These cool oozing miracles of life are part of my soul and I’m so pleased they are becoming part of his. Cascadia Heritage Ark wants to share this message of hope with others.