Welcome to Cascadia Heritage Farm

We are a small family farm on beautiful Whidbey Island in northwestern Washington State, dedicated to preserving, promoting and showcasing rare, endangered heritage breeds of livestock.  We have high quality registered Dales Ponies and San Clemente Island Goats, and we are developing strong flocks of a few endangered heritage breeds of poultry.

 Our Promise

We promise to be available to support those who purchase animals from us, and to always take our stock back or help find them new homes, should the need arise.


Get Involved

If you open your hearts and lives to these amazing animals, you will not regret it.  If you are not able to own these animals yourselves, we encourage you to support organizations such as The Livestock Conservancy, Equus Survival Trust Rare Steeds, or other similar organizations that support rare breeds and the people who raise and work with them.