Our Approach

Welcome to Cascadia Heritage Farm

We are a small family farm on beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington State, dedicated to breeding, preserving and promoting rare, endangered heritage breeds of livestock.  We raise high quality registered Dales Ponies, Malay Chickens, Asil Chickens and San Clemente Island Goats, and we are developing strong flocks of a few endangered heritage breeds of poultry.

We strive to appreciate the miracle of life in its many forms. We came up with the acronym "ATM" for "Appreciate The Miracle" and have re-expanded the acronym: "A" stands for "Actively surround ourselves with life and fitness; "T" stands for "Try to effect positive change," and "M" stands for "Mindful, generous, and loving toward others."


Our Farm Breathes Life Into Our Values

We value quality, integrity, diversity and collaboration.  In breeding these rare animals, we promise to give them the best opportunity and life we possibly can.  This means carefully selecting our breeding stock and handling the youngstock thoughtfully to produce the most healthy, sound, well-adjusted and enjoyable animals possible. We test for all genetic diseases known to be an issue in the breeds we deal with, in an effort to prevent propagation of any undesirable traits.  We promise to be available to support those who purchase animals from us, and to always take our stock back or help find them new homes, should the need arise.

Our Story

We are a family of three:  George, Shuna, and our son Viggo.  Before Viggo came along, in early 2011, we made a "madness purchase" of a run-down log cabin with easy access to a state park trail system.  We were dreaming of a different life than we had in Seattle, but our dreams were not well formed.  We saw the cabin and it just felt right.  So we bought it, and the adventure began.  We worked on the cabin and the property for years, bought a horse that we saw weekly when we made the trek up to the cabin (our neighbors were kind enough to house him for us) and rode him on the state park trails.  Eventually as we explored our values, hopes and dreams, we came up with the idea of Appreciate The Miracle of life/biodiversity in the world around us, (abbreviated "ATM") and started ATM Enterprises, LLC.  Cascadia Heritage Farm is a dba of ATM Enterprises.  Making our values a reality involved turning our cabin property into a farm focused on raising and promoting critically endangered heritage breeds.  We bought the property next door to our original property, moved up to the cabin full time in the spring of 2018, and brought Dales Ponies, San Clemente Island Goats, and a few different poultry breeds to the property.  Access to the state park trails is important for our work with the ponies.  We love the animals, the setting, and the work we're doing here.  We hope you can join us in Appreciating The Miracle of being able to pursue dreams and the lovely endangered heritage breeds we share our life with.

Meet the Team

Shuna is an accomplished veterinarian with 17 years of experience.  Early in her career she chose to focus her work on dogs and cats, but she is knowledgeable about farm animals as well.  Almost all her free time as a child was spent outside with the animals.  She had ponies, a Quarter Horse, a Thoroughbred, and an Appaloosa, participated in 4-H and Pony Club, and competed at lower level eventing, jumpers, and dressage.  She participated in fox-hunts (not chasing foxes), trail rode extensively and even did some gaming competitions.  She raised a Welsh Pony colt from birth, started him, and showed him successfully.  That pony went on to be a successful show pony for many children.  She has always enjoyed training horses.  She competed in Tetrathlon in Pony Club and participated in national level competitions.  She went to Oberlin College in Ohio, where she studied neuroscience and kept a horse at a local barn, taught riding lessons, trained off-track Thoroughbreds and Morgans for the barn owner, and competed with the college's equestrian team in Hunter Seat Equitation.  In Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) competitions, the rider draws a horse's name out of a hat and rides it in the competition with no practice ahead of time.  She qualified for Regional Championships and did well enough to qualify for the Zone Championships, which she won.  This meant she and her coach got to travel to Massachusetts for the IHSA National Championships in Equitation Over Fences.  There, she placed 7th.  She always did better in the IHSA competitions when she drew one of the more challenging horses out of the hat.

George loves talking to people, sharing ideas, exploring values, strategizing, and engaging in business activities.  He has a strong artistic sense and a great love of animals, the natural world, and history.  He entered this venture with no horse experience or farming experience, and learns as he goes!

Viggo loves interacting with the animals, playing on the property, riding his bicycle and tractor, and helping and learning from people who help us on the farm.


Shuna Cerrato

Co-founder & Veterinarian

Shuna has lived in many parts of the United States.  She has worked as a veterinarian in New York City, the Seattle area, and now works at the Pet Emergency Center in Mount Vernon.  She hopes none of you will need to bring your pets to her at work, but promises to do her best to take care of you and your beloved pets if you ever have to.  She loves being able to call Whidbey Island her home.


George Cerrato


George was born in New Jersey and co-owned and ran a small computer hardware business in Seattle for many years.  He is pleased to be able to change his focus to the farm life and influencing people to think differently and explore different ways of living.

Next Steps...

If you would like to learn more about any of the breeds we are raising, or are interested in purchasing a pony, horse, goat, chicken or turkey, please reach out via email: