Why have livestock guardian dogs (and why are their puppies so cute)?

We at Cascadia Heritage Farm have found having livestock guardian dogs on our property dramatically reduces predation of our farm animals.

”A total of 154 of 161 (96%) producers recommend use of guard dogs to other producers.”
This relationship between people, their livestock, and their livestock guardian dogs goes back thousands of years and we are pleased to continue the tradition.
Livestock guardian dogs are beautiful animals and they make beautiful puppies!

Dot is the mother of our puppies.

Dot’s dam Artemis is 50% Kangal and 50% Karakachan

Dot’s sire Louis is 100% Great Pyrenees

Her breeder, Chris, wanted to continue the genetics of Artemis because she was one of the smartest and best dogs he’d ever owned.  Artemis and Dot lived with the livestock. Dot continues in her dam’s tradition, she is wicked smart. She has a very low prey drive and shows no interest in our chickens, turkeys, goats, and horses. She is very sweet and has a great smile. My 7 year old son has been training her and has done a wonderful job with her. She is a wonderful livestock guardian dog.

Photos of Dot

Thor is the father of our puppies.

Thor’s dam Bonnie is from Troy Fischer.  Bonnie is 37.5% Anatolian, 37.5% Spanish Mastiff, 12.5% Akbash, and 12.5% Great Pyrenees

Thor’s sire Zeke from Olympic Dogs is 56.25% Kangal, 31.50% Boerboel, 6.25% Great Dane,  6.25%  Dogo

His breeder, Nathan, loves the Olympic Dogs breeding program and wanted to continue the good work they were doing with his own selective breeding. He wanted to continue the genetics of both of his dogs. He said Thor’s sire was great at watching for threats on the ground and Thor’s dam was always looking in the sky for danger. They lived with their livestock. Thor is a heavy boned dog, a gentle giant. He is not fully grown. He was born on 7/13/21. He is a beautiful dog with a very low prey drive and is currently living with our goats. He was the pick of the litter for us, the largest of the litter. He was also the friendliest of the litter and he is a big smiler. He is one of the most easy going dogs I have come across and knows how to play fetch instinctually. My 7 year old son has been training him as well and has done a wonderful job with him. He too is a wonderful livestock guardian dog.

Grandfather and Grandmother of Thor on father’s side with Thor’s Father in the litter.

Photos of Thor

I bred these dogs because they have wonderful dispositions. They need to be extremely safe animals because our 7 year old son spends a lot of time with them.  He was 6 years old when he started to train them. They need to be safe around livestock because we focus on preserving critically endangered livestock on our farm. We are surrounded by coyotes, hawks, eagles and owls and these dogs do a great job keeping the predators off our property.  They only bark when there’s a reason.

I selected these dogs to breed because of how wonderful their parents are and how much their owners loved them.

I selected these dogs to breed because of how wonderful they are and how much we love them.

I also selected these dogs because their genetic heritage is a wonderful hybrid of traditional livestock dogs from across the world. We believe hybrid vigor can be key to creating health and vitality in animals.

We have 12 healthy puppies!  Seven females and five males.  Eleven are currently available.

When you adopt a Cascadia Heritage Farm Livestock Guardian Dog you will experience why Livestock Guardian Dogs have played such an important role throughout the world over the eons.

I am asking $800 per puppy. They will receive their first vaccinations and deworming before going to their new homes and will stay on schedule with all routine care as long as they remain with us.  Like all dogs, they will need to continue to receive routine preventative care in order to remain healthy.  We will make sure they leave us in excellent health.