Shuna is beautiful and we love her!


8:31 am Sunday

It is Sunday and I have not written in awhile.

Viggo is doing well and it is a pleasure to see.

I signed him up for swimming lessons.

Shuna is having a harder time and my job is to do

everything I can to be helpful to her. I love my family deeply

and I want to encourage hope and appreciation in our home and in the world.

I have come up with a list system on our large chalk board

declaring that Shuna is beautiful and we love her, and how can

I help.  The goal is to identify things she needs help with and get them done.

Its not always easy to ask for help so I want to make it as easy as possible

for her to ask.  We are pursuing our dreams here at Cascadia Heritage Farm and

it is surprisingly challenging.

I am thankful for this opportunity.