Father’s Day!


9:54 am Sunday


It is Father’s Day.  I am very pleased to have such a wonderful son!  Thank you

Shuna for helping bring such a wonderful human being into the world.

I believe Viggo and I will go out to get a bit to eat.

On this day that I am thankful to be a father, I am also considering why do people suffer.

I don’t know why, but I have noticed something interesting.

When someone suffers, they sometimes loss their ability to see others, to appreciate others. I believe suffering can increase empathy, love, compassion and ones humanity, but when one is in the throws of suffering the pain can be too overwhelming that you loss sight.  At the point when one losses site of others something interesting happens.  I believe that when one losses site of others in the throws of suffering, suffering becomes a disease that is infectious, and we become vectors of disease.  It seems in this situation we loss agency and become hosts to an infectious agent.

Also, we are very desirous to make meaning and find cause to suffering. Sometimes this search for meaning and cause results in blame. Blaming others can be easiest explanation for this suffering and those around us easiest to accuse of being the possible transgressors. The phenomena of asserting blame on others I need to explore more in the future.

What is interesting to me is that this suffering seems to be able to spread to others and how it is able to do it, is what has caught my curiosity. If one losses site of others and others try to be helpful and good and they are seen as not helpful and bad, that appears to be the environment that suffering can jump from one person to another.  When one is not seen as being loving, kind, and thoughtful when they are, this seems to be a catalos for an alchemy of turning gold into lead. Here is where the spark of pain jumps hosts, perhaps these are the micro droplets that suffering moves though in the world.  The reason I am interested in this, is that if we can understand how suffering moves perhaps we can help ourselves and others. Perhaps we can stop the alchemy of turning something beautiful into something ugly, but boy it’s a tough one! I believe Christianity has already addressed the mechanics of how to try to prevent this spread of suffering in the face of suffering. Their answer to this is to turn the other cheek and have faith. I believe this is the answer, but again, boy it’s a tough one.

Viggo is ready to go out to eat and I am thrilled to have this opportunity!

Love you Viggo and Shuna, thank you for making my father’s day great!