Shuna and I are on TikTok!


7:56 am Monday

We had a great visit from Shuna’s sister and family. Viggo loved spending time with his cousins. We also got an opportunity to get fresh eyes on what we are working on here at Cascadia Heritage Farm. The big take away was from Viggo’s cousins who got both Shuna and I on TikTok!

Shuna and I are trying to reimagine our farm. We are working hard on sharing our vision on social media. We are also looking for a business model/ approaches that might be more in line with what we are trying to achieve. We are currently looking into non-profits, wish us luck.

I believe this mission of trying to be more appreciative by encouraging ourselves and others to pursue a lifestyle promoting and preserving critically endangered livestock is a wonderful path.  The challenge is it very very difficult to travel this path.

I am thankful for this opportunity.