I was considering the expectation of progress. 


8:46 am Friday

Strange times.  It seems like the world is full of confusion.  I certainly feel this confusion.  I am finding that I don’t want to focus on it.  I don’t believe by staring at confusion it is understood.  In fact, the majority of how we experience the world is the turning away from this confusion to the manufactured business of our lives.

I was considering the expectation of progress.  That people seem to expect innovation.  I believe that people have been so successful in mastering their environment based on this restlessness. We have been able to outpace our competitors whether that be a different species, or a different culture based on developing a method to get “better” at a certain task.

As we have less to outpace, perhaps we have just ourselves to outpace.

Perhaps confusion comes from having not real need to outpace anything.

The virus might say otherwise.  It would seem that we would be more united as we had a competitor to outpace.  The world seems full of confusion.

The world does not need to be the way it is, our reality just happens to be a moments rest as a song bird perches before it takes flight again.

I wonder why experiencing the world outside of outcompeting each other is so difficult. It is funny that we have any capacity to be anything else other than pursuing the next big thing, but we do.  I believe in the importance of diversity and hope to develop a more poetic perspective.  It is hard, but a good goal.  I want to be more appreciative.  I am thankful to be working with these wonderful beasts.

Thank you for this opportunity!