The train my father bought for himself back in the 40’s


9:11 am Tuesday

It has been a while since I wrote.  I am starting to focus on the M.I.G.H.T project/ Malay project, more.  It is a good project.  One of the big challenges is setting up the infrastructure/ housing for this project.  We have about 40 chickens right now and most are somewhat wild.  This is not a great set up. They poop on everything.  There is a ton of mud where I feed them.  There is no good way to keep them separate for breeding.  I am interested in keeping a small wild population but getting them into housing, mud free chicken runs, automatic water and automatic feeders is the overall goal.  Also a setup that allows showcasing the birds well, more like a zoo / safari.   I am guessing the cost for this might be $30,000 plus.  We have to see if we can afford to make this investment.

The project of preserving these rare birds and trying to breed these huge exciting birds to invigorate one’s imagination is in line with our values.

Since I am exercising more and not drinking coffee, my back is doing better.  I am doing better.  We have quite the battle here and I am thankful I am getting stronger for the fight.

Viggo and I will work on setting up a train for Christmas.  It is the train my father bought for himself back in the 40’s when he was 12 years old.  He did odd jobs, like shoe shining.  My aunt Vi who just died a few months back told me that when Paterson NJ flooded, my father would help raft adults around for a small fee.

I am not sure if this true, but I am guessing it is.  It is quite the image of this Italian kid hustling to earn some coin back in the 40’s and early 50’s.  What did he use as his raft?

He had an older brother who was in the mafia and did not like my father shining shoes.

My father bought his parents their first TV as a kid. He was the third youngest of 10 kids.

My father did not like Christmas.  He said he did not like the hype around the holidays.  I as a result love Christmas!  I hung a wreath on his urn.  When I told my mom that I did this, she got a good laugh.

I want to say thank you more.  It is a habit I want to expand on.  I was reminded about this when listening to a Ted Talk.  It was a good reminder.

Thank you for this opportunity!