I want my family to be healthy, happy, strong and thriving.


7:28 am Sunday

We have exciting but challenging times at Cascadia Heritage Farm.

Shuna hurt her back picking up a small piece of garbage. She wanted to go to the ER so Viggo and I took her. She was in a lot of pain and I am very glad we went to the ER. The doctors at Anacortes did a great job an got her on pain medications. While we were there, we could hear people having a very hard time. Viggo was concerned about what he was hearing and both Shuna and I had to tell him it was OK. There is a lot of suffering n the world, but there is also joy, love, beauty…etc. in the world. We have been trying to pursue appreciation at our farm but have stumbled some. We have put so much of ourselves into it, especially Shuna, our health has been sacrificed.  My job is trying to get us healthier, so our backs don’t go out and we can continue our mission here.  This is no small task but I want my family to be healthy, happy, strong and thriving.  I need to look up Pilates class for Shuna.  I love my wife, son and family. I am thankful for this opportunity.