Thank you Shuna and Viggo for being on this journey with me. I love you both so much!


10:33 am Tuesday

I just finished feeding the horses and goats. Viggo has feed the dog and chickens. He is weeding some to give weeds to the goats. I will go for a short jog and take Viggo to see is Grandmother/NaNa. NaNa has been doing a great job teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. I make the long drive partly for the lessons, but more importantly for them to have a relationship. If I don’t make this effort the richness of this relationship will not have an opportunity to grow. I have mentioned to Shuna I am willing to do the same with her mother if she would like. I am really pleased what a wonderful person Viggo is turning out to be. We have him in swimming lessons and he loves it.  We decided to sign him up for soccer, so I arranged that. I am so thankful to have Viggo in our lives! I love him!!!

Shuna has been doing much better since she hurt her back. She has been on pain medication, and it has helped tremendously. She was able to go to work today. She also has been much more relaxed this week then I have seen her in months. I am so pleased she is doing better. My brother and his wife pointed out that we need to take care of our bodies better. They are 100% right. I have started losing weight and looking into different exercise programs for Shuna and myself.

I am committed more now then ever to the mission at our farm to be appreciative and hopeful. We need to get our health as the foundation so we can pursue this mission and so we don’t collapse under the strain of running a small farm. We also need to right size our farm to allow us to continue our pursuit of ATM and not get swallowed up by our farm. We are excited about the possibility of possibly become a nonprofit and have promoting and education be more of our focus verses breeding and selling.

Thank you Shuna and Viggo for being on this journey with me. I love you both so much!

I am thankful for this opportunity.