How does one change one’s “spots”?


7:47 am Thursday

I did not do yoga yesterday because I was under the weather.

But I did go for my 7 pm walk yesterday.  Shuna, Viggo and Taz went part of the way with me.

There was a very bright and large full moon.  It was a gift to be able to be out in the beautiful moonlit night.

Today I seem to be tightening up.  I am trying to get a repair done on a washing machine  at our rental unit, and it is not going as smoothly as I’d hoped.

I want to run from all these stressful activities, events and situations that bother me.  I don’t believe this is the right direction.  But It is so hard to make changes if I continue to be engaged in the same activities and behaviors that I want to move away from.

How does one change one’s “spots”?  How do I move towards appreciation when I am engaged in activities that seem to drive me crazy?

I do believe exercise helps.  I would like to believe I could overcome these situations that I find bothersome, but I suspect I will not.

Perhaps moving towards activities that heighten appreciation might be a good direction, versus running away from troublesome ones.

Shuna and Viggo are working on cleaning up the meal worms, pupae, beetles and eggs.  Viggo just whispered to Shuna that he just saw Baby Mealies!

I am thankful for this opportunity.