Cascadia Heritage Ark: Biodiversity Yard By Yard: Carolina praying mantises just hatched!

We at Cascadia Heritage Farm just had some Carolina praying mantises hatch on May 11th. We are very excited! There are around 2000 species of praying mantis in the world and around 20 species native to North America. The Carolina praying mantis (Stagmomantis carolinais) is native to North America. We love insects here at Cascadia Heritage Farm and this love for these little critters has inspired a new venture. We will be launching over the next year Cascadia Heritage Ark: Biodiversity Yard By Yard. We are hoping to find a parent nonprofit of like-minded individuals that we can align ourselves with to help us share this mission.

Cascadia Heritage Ark: Biodiversity Yard By Yard:
  The Ark educates our community with programs that promote biodiversity while preserving endangered heritage breeds, heirloom cultivars, and native plants and animals.

Vision  The Ark envisions people effecting change yard by yard, supporting biodiversity in their backyards and farmyards, thus ensuring vigor in future global populations.

Core Belief  We believe that diversity in all cultural, educational and biological systems holds the key to unlocking humanity’s hope.

About Cascadia Heritage Ark   The Ark, located in a rural corner of Whidbey Island, provides small-scale farming experiences to school groups, families and individuals while promoting the importance of biodiversity in both domesticated and wild plants and animals.  We advocate for biodiversity in the world around us—the forests and farmlands—and on down to our backyards by preserving endangered heritage livestock, heirloom cultivars, and native plants and animals.  Most of us cannot support a polar bear in our backyards, but we can support biodiversity by preserving a native bee. As part of this commitment, the Ark participates in a Living Gene Bank program with Cascadia Heritage Farm.