Roandale Ragged Robin

****Will be a licensed breeding stallion in 2021****

Known as Robin, foaled June 15, 2018 at Roandale Dales Pony Stud in England

Sire: Roandale Bobby

Dam: Roandale Ruby

Expected mature height: 14.2 hands

Robin is a gorgeous blue roan stallion prospect we imported in 2019.  He carries different bloodlines than the other roan stallions in the US.  He is calm and personable, and has lovely ground-covering gaits with plenty of knee and hock action.  He is negative for FIS and PSSM1.

His first foal is expected in spring of 2021.  We bred him to Redprairie Anna before sending her to her new home at Kehali Farms of Bend, OR.


Robin taking a break on a walk, carrying Shuna’s sweatshirt