Kingmaker Talisman

Known as Taz, foaled September 5, 2007 at Kingmaker Dales Pony Stud in France

Sire: Thornville Pride

Dam: Manorian Moonstone

Shuna started this incredible stallion under saddle a month before he turned 11 years old, and he quickly became her favorite riding pony.  He loves the adventures of ridden life, and represents the breed at many events.  Jet black with no white markings, Taz carries approximately 50% rare Wheatside bloodlines and comes from top quality show stock.  Taz is spirited, athletic, intelligent and kind, with excellent functional conformation and lovely gaits.  He passes these qualities on to his foals.  He is negative for FIS and PSSM1.

He stands just over 14 hands.

The jumping trainer we worked with, who has competed at the international level, said, “If you have a horse like him and you’re not winning everything, that’s on you.”

Taz’s last outing was a USAWE rated show in fall of 2022, where he won reserve champion in Novice A despite very poor preparation on the part of his rider.

Taz was in training with Jessica Wisdom, and this is what she’s said based on her experience with him: “The Dales Ponies truly set themselves apart as exceptional partners for those looking for personable characters, outstanding work ethics and, of greatest value, an extraordinarily safe sensibility. They are inquisitive and intelligent by nature and try hard to please their person. They dutifully (and cheerfully) exceed expectations on a daily basis in the training process. What they may lack in stature, they surely make it up in substance both mentally and physically. Every minute we spend with Taz, we can’t help but smile. He is so genuine in spirit, it reminds you of why we love equines. He’s the pony every child dreams of and the mount every rider can appreciate.”

Known offspring:  Raspotnik Jasper, Raspotnik Clive, Raspotnik Mari, Raspotnik Brook, Raspotnik Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Raspotnik Kit, Cascadiadales Anamnesis, Cascadiadales Andrew, Cascadiadales Bounteous, Cascadiadales Beauteous, Cascadiadales Brilliant, Cascadiadales Berry Blossom, Cascadiadales Chanterelle, Cascadiadales Count

Offered at $15,000