Weekly appreciation walks

8:34 am Wed

It is Wed. It has been a week since I lost wrote.
My back has not been as much of an issue. I still have
tingling/ numbness in my two fingers, but not too bad.

There are lots of changes going on and I am generally uncomfortable.
As for ATM, I have not been very successful. I am going to do Yoga now.
I really want to dedicate time, effort, myself to getting into better physical repair.
It seems like I have neglected my body for years and I am very weak. My mind body
also seems very weak.

I really like the idea of doing weekly appreciation walks with a pony and perhaps Viggo and Shuna. The idea is to meditate on appreciation while I do long public walks down the island. The goals are to strengthen both

my body and my mind body while bringing awareness to critically endangered breeds of farm animals and trying to encourage hope in myself and others.

I am thankful for this opportunity.