Viggo is doing great!


6:22 am Sunday

Viggo is doing great!  He helped me fix the goat pen yesterday.

Goblin, a large male San Clemente goat, got free and was butting another

goat pen. This pen had a younger male goat he was trying to get at to fight.

He had butted off one side of a board, ripping the 4 screws out.  He is a very strong goat!

Viggo help mostly by letting me use his tools, he has nicer tools then I do.  Shuna has gotten him some and family friends have given him tools too. He loves his tools.  I ask him to please get me plyers and drill from his playhouse/ tool house.  He puts on the correct bit and asks what type of plyers I need.  I tell him a small one and he says, “Do you need needle nose?”.  I say, “Yes I do!”.

Tommy, a family friend, who helps us on the farm has thought Viggo a lot about tools. At six years old he has become quite the helper at the farm.  He screwed in the new mineral feeder in the goat shelter with his drill.  I help by holding the feeder and the screws. He screwed it in.  Great job Viggo!

Shuna says Viggo takes after me in some ways.  He likes to know where we are.

He will say, “Hi Papa!” or “Hi, Mama!” He will say, “Love you!”.  He wants us to rely to him. Once we respond he then knows where we are and is comforted.  Shuna is right, I am like this too.  It is interesting to me why Viggo and I are like this. Is it a learned behavior, are we just wired this way? I don’t know why we are this way.  It seems we need people, loved ones, to comfort us and for us to comfort them.  The challenge I believe with this tendency is the need to be loved and to love others.  It results in a sensitivity to people and values relationships highly.  I believe we all fall somewhere on this scale, but Viggo and I might rate slightly higher on this scale.  I believe people like Viggo and myself can possibly be a beacon of light for others, but it is difficult to be so reliant on others.

In the past I learned how to be quite independent of others.  It was very painful to do it, but I did it.  I believe we all do this to some degree as we grow up and move away from family.  My apparent preference, my nature, seems to have brought me back to this reliance on loved ones. I am not sure what to make of this.

Viggo will grow out of this need to call out to his parents when he feels in doubt. Will he stop reaching out to the ones he loves when in doubt? I hope not.  I hope that he will grow his strengths and can be there when others call out to him and they/we can also be there for him.

Love you Viggo!

I am thankful for this opportunity.