Communal life first sprung into action billions of years ago


10;34 am Tuesday

Viggo and I are going to my mother for schooling.  It is a long drive, but I know it is good for both Viggo and my mother, so I am willing to spend 3 ½ hours driving today.  We have been working on Viggo word cards that my mother made and he is doing really well.  He is better at sounding words out then I am. Great job Viggo!

I heard a story on the radio that when life first sprung into action billions of year ago, they theorized that it was more communal and less individualistic. That these ancient organisms had cell membranes that were much more permeable and that they shared molecules/proteins etc. very readily. It seems this sharing in these organisms is more similar to the utilizing of resources in a single organism.

They went on to say at some point these organisms started to have less permeable membranes and became more individualistic and less communal. I am not sure what to make of all of this.  It is very complicated stuff but an idea did come to me.  Perhaps it is fundamental to life to have built into it this communal aspect.  Perhaps love that is described as an emotional motivation is more of a primal biological relic similar to diminutive tail bones found in humans or fingers hidden in flippers of porpoises. The yearning one feels to return to the “Garden of Eden”, to a oneness, to love, might be a vestige to possibilities experienced in the primordial ooze of our shared past. The connections I have and the love I experience is primal and barflies me. I find that the world is invisible to me and I wear the blinders of pop philosophies and pop sciences and know little.

I will continue to purse ATM. I find I desire to purse being appreciative, loving, hopeful, but I do recognize the hubris of this.  I pray for strength on this path.

I am thankful for this opportunity.