Thank you, Terri, Christine, and Shuna for your Love of Dales Ponies


7:45 pm Saturday

Thank you, Terri, Christine, and Shuna for your Love of Dales Ponies

Shuna has a vision. She sees Dales Ponies as phenomenal partners in almost all equine activities. The partnerships people can have with Dales Ponies benefit both them and the ponies and can also strengthen and deepen an approach to life that is becoming threatened.

Shuna has carefully selected our stock of Dales Ponies to conserve genetic diversity and also to concentrate desired traits like athleticism, sensitivity, sensibility, and conformation. She is breeding for sound mind, sound body, and wonderful character.

Our two-year-old Dales Pony, “Bounce,” whose registered name is Cascadiadales Bounteous, just left our farm for a new home in Florida. He is a testament to Shuna’s vision.

Bounce is by the imported stallion Kingmaker Talisman (known as Taz), who is by Thornville Pride and out of Manorian Moonstone.  Taz is one of few remaining Wheatside line stallions through his sire.  Taz’s dam was highly successful showing in the United Kingdom prior to becoming a broodmare.  She was the Dales Pony Society’s Points Champion as a 3-year-old.  Taz is highly important.  Shuna has told me on many occasions that he is one of the nicest horses she has ever ridden. He was bred to be incredibly athletic and sensitive but approaches the world with a gentle, calm confidence.  He has impeccable balance, jumps beautifully, is a wonderfully sure-footed and dependable trail horse, and rides like a high-end sports car.  He is amazing and is a true treasure.  One of Shuna’s (wonderfully experienced and highly respected) riding coaches told her, “If you have a horse like him and you’re not winning EVERYTHING, that’s on YOU.”  No comment as to their standing in the show rings.  Shuna is doing the best she can and brings home some nice ribbons when she can tear herself away from the farm.

Bounce’s dam is Redprairie Anna Bea (known as Abby), our 14.3 hand bay mare by the many times champion stallion Dartdale Peter Boy. His semen was imported into the United States so his line could be represented here. Abby’s dam is Redprairie Anna, a very sweet and comfortable pony who was the first pony our son ever rode on his own as a four-year-old. Although Redprairie Anna has since moved on to a new family, she is remembered very fondly on our farm. Abby, Bounce’s dam, is now my pony. She is incredible. She has tremendous power and is so beautiful. She is an absolute blast to ride. Her trot and canter are very smooth, and I feel like I can conquer the world when she kicks it up into high gear.

As breeders, we hope to find others who share our vision and are willing to take it to the next level. Thank you, Terri and Christine, for your love of Bounce. We are so excited for you, and we look forward to seeing your partnership with this wonderful pony bring inspiration and hope into the world.