Thank You John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders Association

Cascadia Heritage Farm AKA Shuna, Viggo, and George want to thank Olympia and all the organizers and participants of the John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders Association Cross State Ride.

We only rode one day of this 18 day ride on the “Palouse to Cascades Trail”, but it was an amazing day. Everyone was so kind and excited to be there.

We had a heck of a time pulling ourselves away from the farm and were very late to show up for the first night. Thank you Shuna for working so hard to get us there after a long work week. In all honesty it was a miracle we actually made it, but Viggo was still sad we missed the Ice Cream Social.
When we pulled up to the Double K Retreat and Adventure Center we were a little nervous about being so late. Olympia was so kind and welcoming, and this apprehension vanished into joking about Viggo being upset about missing the ice cream. Olympia, after hearing this, got on the walkie talkie to Marieke, Executive Director of Double K, and before we knew it we were being feed chili and ice cream. Marieke was so generous to us with her time after a full day of hosting guests. Viggo kept mentioning for days after how nice Marieke was to us.

Again we only rode one day on this trail with our wonderful Dales Ponies going through beautiful landscapes dotted with stunnig wildflowers, redwing black birds, swallows, shallow brooks and fast moving rivers, but the kindness of others was abundant. Viggo was even gifted a copper date nail found that day by a fellow rider. She wanted to give Viggo his first date nail for his first time on the trail. It was dated 1937.

The ride was beautiful, our Dales Ponies did wonderfully and we are planning to do it again. My reason for writing is to thank everyone for their kindness to our family. This kindness does matter, it does make a difference and I thank you from my heart for this gift. Thank you.