Thank you Barbara Baily For Your Generosity!


11:38 am Friday

Thank you Barbara Baily For Your Generosity!

We have had the good fortune to share time, warm conversation,

wonderful food, goals and hopes with Barbara.

I have not found it often to have a closeness

to others, but when one does it resonates through ones whole life.

Barbara’s generosity, loving nature and a shared vision has touched us deeply.

She has homed two of her wonderful Dales Ponies to our care, Duchess and Bess.

Not only are these wonderful advocates for the preservation to Dales ponies, but

they have become my son’s go to gals for trail rides with his family.

They provide a cattails that generates hope and appreciation in our lives.

Thank you also for supporting us with giving us a good deal on the john deer tractor and

the donations of he horse trailer and other items.  You have made a difference

Barbara, you have buttressed our souls by reaching out to us and having the courage to share yourself

with our family. You are always welcome; you are always in our hearts.

Thank you Barbara Baily, we appreciate you!!