Thank you Judy and Dave from Pasek Cellar!


11:20 am Thursday

Thank you Judy and Dave from Pasek Cellar.
Judy and Dave have been kind enough to supply our farm with berry byproduct from
their wine making process.  The seeds and pulp from blackberry and raspberry have become
a real favorite, or dare I say an addiction, for our San Clemente Island Goats.

Pasek Cellars is a small family-run winery in Mount Vernon.  We have sampled their wines and
in my humble option they are some of the best wines around. What I
enjoy about working with both Judy and Dave is that they are big-hearted and
reach out into their community providing rays of hope with
projects like their Tulips for Healthcare Workers.

What we all choose to do matters, and Judy and Dave are wonderful examples of how to
make a difference.

Support your small, local, family run business and check out:

Thank you Judy and Dave!  We appreciate you!