I would swing a dead cat over my head by its tail


8:45 am Sunday

It is a beautiful day. The idea of acting, doing something, has been explored some this week.

We had a friend helping us on our farm, Porter, and she talked about doing “v”logging about our farm. Shuna and I liked the idea and Shuna wants to do weekly updates.

I also like the idea.  I seem to want to have a potential audience. The idea I have been noodling is that to have a voice it needs to be heard.  I am not sure if I like that reliance, but there may be some truth to it.  A weekly update about our farm that can be posted might help provide the outlet that I crave.  In all honesty, I am just trying to figure out ways to be in less pain and try to get momentum going down the path of appreciation.  At this point I would swing a dead cat over my head by its tail if I believed it would help get out of this malaise. The physical discomfort of my back and neck is surprisingly draining.  I am jogging now and weight lifting to try to reverse this discomfort.

Also the heavy use area for the horses is looking great.  We are not quite done, but it certainly is looking good.  It is an improvement, and that is encouraging.

I am thankful for this opportunity even if it is a bit challenging at the moment.