Raspotnik Carly

Sire:  Raspotnik Bracken  Dam:  Raspotnik Bess

Date and place of birth:  May 20, 2009, Raspotnik Farm, Wisconsin

Height:  14.1 hands

Sadly, Carly bore the brunt of a trailer accident, and because of this we didn’t consider riding her for several years.  In 2021 we started taking her out on trail rides without a rider.  She loved it and did so well that our young son started riding her on trails.  She’s forward and fun, while also being calm, kind, and not spooky. 

She is a beautiful mare and a wonderful mother.
Known offspring:  Raspotnik Kit (black Section A filly), Cascadiadales Anamnesis (black Section A filly), Cascadiadales Berry Blossom (black Section A filly), and Cascadiadales Count (black Section A colt)

Carly weighed in at 956 pounds at the Veterinary Hospital the day the above photo was taken.

Above, Carly with 2020 filly Cascadiadales Berry Blossom

Above, Carly with 2019 filly Cascadiadales Anamnesis

Carly with 2019 filly Cascadiadales Anamnesis