Raspotnik Arabella

Sire:  Dykedale Winston  Dam:  Swayfield Bella

Date and place of birth:  June 12, 2013, Raspotnik Farm, Wisconsin

Height:  13.3+ hands

Fading black with no white markings

Arabella has been special to Shuna since she first saw a video of her.  In the video she was a small, finer-boned and beautifully put together 3 year old filly.  At the time, we were thinking of getting one Dales Pony mare and breeding her via AI.  Shuna loved Arabella.  George had other preferences.  When we decided our initial herd would include 3 mares and 1 stallion, Shuna wanted Arabella to be one of the mares.  Arabella had no training, and George said he’d agree to buy her only if she was started in driving.  Ken Raspotnik agreed to start Arabella in driving before we picked her up.  When we arrived, he said he’d hitched her twice and all had gone well, but she was very green.  We’d hauled a horse trailer almost all the way across the country to get these ponies.  Shuna ground drove Arabella and she was nervous, quick, challenging.  We loaded her up.  When we arrived home, Arabella was a wild thing.  She ran away when approached and was quite difficult to catch.  But within a few days she’d accepted us, and the bond she formed with our young son was so beautiful.  We took her for walks, ground drove her calmly, and she was lovely to work with.  After a few months Shuna started her under saddle and rode her on the trails she’d been walked and ground driven on.  Arabella took it all in stride.  She won the Dales Pony suitability for dressage class at the USDF Northwest Sporthorse Breeders Classic.  She carried our 3 year old son and Shuna’s non-rider mother on trails, as solid as a horse can be.  Later she pulled a cart on the road with no concerns, competed in a USDF ridden Dressage Show and an event derby, and learned about being a Mounted Archery pony.  This, all within a year of being started under saddle.  She is comfortable to ride, wicked smart, kind and tolerant, and beautiful.

Arabella has had two fabulous black Section A fillies, Cascadiadales Beauteous by Kingmaker Talisman and Cascadiadales Doodlebug by Roandale Ragged Robin.

Viggo and 6 year old Raspotnik Arabella, spring 2019
Viggo and 6 year old Raspotnik Arabella, spring 2019
Raspotnik Arabella, 6 years old, learning about horseback archery