Cascadiadales Bounteous, “Bounce”

Black Section A stallion prospect, foaled May 1, 2020, registered with the Dales Pony Society in the UK.

Sire: Kingmaker Talisman

Dam: Redprairie Anna Bea

Expected to mature to 14.2 hands if kept intact

Bounce is a very promising, athletic Dales Pony stud colt. He carries rare bloodlines, represents a new cross, and is a phenomenal example of his breed. He is valuable as a potential breeding stallion and also as a performance horse and best friend. He shows the same type and athleticism as his imported sire, Kingmaker Talisman, and the big size of his dam, Redprairie Anna Bea.

In the 2020 Dales Pony coast to coast video show for North American Dales Ponies (no foals allowed), Bounce’s sire won best ridden Dales Pony and best stallion, and his dam won best mare. In an international photo show, his dam won best mare and his sire got second in the ridden class and in the stallion in-hand class.

His sire has been in training with Jessica Wisdom, and this is what she’s said based on her experience with him: The Dales Ponies truly set themselves apart as exceptional partners for those looking for personable characters, outstanding work ethics and, of greatest value, an extraordinarily safe sensibility. They are inquisitive and intelligent by nature and try hard to please their person. They dutifully (and cheerfully) exceed expectations on a daily basis in the training process. What they may lack in stature, they surely make it up in substance both mentally and physically. Every minute we spend with Taz, we can’t help but smile. He is so genuine in spirit, it reminds you of why we love equines. He’s the pony every child dreams of and the mount every rider can appreciate.

Bounce is sweet and polite.  We will keep him as a breeding stallion and breed ambassador if he does not find the right stallion home.

Bounce is an incredible mover, with the wonderfully well controlled power of his sire Kingmaker Talisman and the big size and mellow temperament of his dam, Redprairie Anna Bea.  We are excited for this gorgeous and friendly boy’s future.


How effortless, that turn on the haunches/canter pirouette!

Great legs

This photo was taken the day he was born!