Appreciation walk with Goblin and Robin yesterday


9:28 am Tuesday

It is Tuesday.  Shuna, Viggo, Shannon and I went on an appreciation walk
with Goblin and Robin yesterday.  We gave away the jam Shannon made,
blackberry and salal berry jam, to the neighbors. We also gave away some
squash from our garden.

I really believe this is important.  Telling people that they are good
neighbors, that they matter, seems important.  If there is anything I can suggest is my purpose,
I would say that is it.  It is in line with ATM.  I am guessing I
should go on walks
with Goblin and see if I can tell people we come across that they
matter, what they do matters.

This behavior is essentially a fight against the darkness, the feeling many people have that we
don’t matter, that nothing we do matters.  It is fight I am willing to
fight.  It is behavior that I would like to spend my life currency on. I also believe it can
promote our farm and should have positive commercial outcomes too.  I
can figure that out later.

I guess for now I will start off slowly and go for a walk once a week with the goat.

I like this direction.  I also like trying to make some small
manageable progress on the cabin.  I am currently working on the root
I am encouraged,  I am thankful for this opportunity.