What the Livestock Conservancy does matters!


11:17 AM Sunday

Hi Brittany,
Hope you are well.
I want to say what a fantastic organization you are a part of.
It has been very inspirational to us.
What you do matters, what the Livestock Conservancy does matters, you are
making a difference!

To let you know how you have made a difference in our lives I will
give you a brief story.
About 7 years ago I was very invested in trying to make a lot of money;
instead, I lost a lot of money.
This resulted in a journey of soul searching to ask why do we do what
we do, what matters, how do I
want to spend my life currency? As a result an inspiration came about:
how important it is to appreciate the miracle of the world around us.
This miracle of existence is wonderful, bizarre, baffling, sometimes
cruel, sometimes sublime, but so absolutely beautiful.
Our family wants to encourage within ourselves and others this
opportunity to appreciate.
A part of this journey is how to express this vision.  My wife, Shuna,
has a gift for nurturing life.  Where she steps life
appears to spring up to kiss the ground she touches.  Having a
farm was a natural step for us.
Our goal of appreciating the miracle seemed to dovetail into a
nurturing farm life.
We mused over these values more to try to detail them more closely. We
came up with the acronym “ATM” for “Appreciate The Miracle” and have
re-expanded the acronym: “A” stands for “Actively surround ourselves
with life and fitness; “T” stands for “Try to encourage hope,” and “M”
stands for “Mindful, generous, and loving toward others.”

We started on a journey to heighten this appreciation and as we were
envisioning what our farm would be, how we would encourage hope in
ourselves and others, we found Livestock Conservancy. It is an
organizing of hope, a way to make a difference.
Your organization has a vision and has done the hard work to have a
voice and make this voice heard.
We heard this voice and we are adding our voice to it.  We believe we
can make a difference and what we do matters.

Helping to preserve critically endangered farm animals is our way of
making a difference.  We believe in true
diversity of all things, people, other animals,  ideas, languages,
genetics, etc.  To create healthy systems this diversity is a
necessity. In creating systems with diversity, hope and health are
intrinsic to them.

Like everyone, we at Cascadia Heritage Farm are trying to navigate this
journey the best we can, and are thankful to have the opportunity to

Below is a photo of Andrew, a young Dales Pony and Prince William, a San Clemente

goat, checking each other out!