The Greeks do a great job illustrating the human condition


11:03 am Friday

It is Friday.

Viggo is eating a hardboiled egg.

I was able to add a photo to the blog.

Working on the website could be a full time job.

I believe we should add more content to the website.

It is very easy to want to do all our outreach through Facebook,

but not everyone does Facebook and I want more control over our content/ contributions/ public interfacing.

We have Brandon doing some volunteering at the farm. It is nice to get the help and to have the interactions.

I believe this type of interaction is right in line with ATM.

The activity of trying to explain what and why we are doing what we are doing is deeply gratifying.

I am listening to the Iliad with Viggo.  Achilles has lost his best friend, he died in Achilles’ armor in large part because Achilles would not fight.  He has gone mad with rage, confusion, and hate.  He talks to a naked Trogon who is begging at his feet for mercy.  It is a powerful speech Achilles makes about his state of mind. It is dark, logical, and without mercy.

There seems to be a crossroad that Homer is detailing with, with Achilles.  The path Achilles takes makes sense.

He hurts, he will die, his friend is dead, thusly he will hurt, kill and slaughter all of the Trogons.

I hope I am never in a similar position as Achilles, what I hope for is an experience that encourages mercy, light, love and appreciation.

The Greeks do a great job illustrating the human condition.  I hope I have the strength and good fortune to pursue the path of appreciation, love, thoughtfulness…  We will see.

I am thankful for this opportunity.