Thank you Kent and farewell Robin and Doodlebug

Thank you, Kenton Wright of WW Arena for being extraordinary horse / pony trainer, salesperson and gentlemen.

It was an absolute please to work with you on the sale of both our blue roan Dales pony stallion Robin and his foal Doodlebug.

Kent has done a wonderful job marketing our Dales ponies, a critically endangered breed of ponies.  Kent has introduced many new people to this wonderful breed. Here’s a delightful photo of Robin showing Kent’s creativity marketing on social media.

It was a pleasure to meet his parents, Peggy and Neal, when they picked up Doodlebug.

They were both quite gracious and patient as I showed them the property with it’s fairly narrow driveway.

It was funny when Doodlebug jump straight into the trailer without being asked.

I guess she was ready to go to her new home🤣.

Shuna always does an extradentary job in breeding and training our ponies, thank you Shuna!

Viggo got to say goodbye to a very special Dales pony, Doodlebug, and Doodlebug got to say goodbye to a very special boy, Viggo.

We also sent along some critically endangered Mukhtar City Asil chickens for Kent’s son, Maverick, who loves poultry.

Thank you for all the support, Kent. We at Cascadia Heritage Farm appreciate you!