I want to get out of this rut.

12:09 pm Friday

It is Friday.
I seem to be in a rut.

I seem to be in front of my computer more than I would like.
I want to catch up on paperwork, do taxes, and move on to other projects.

I can catch up on paperwork.  I may need to start spending more time
away from the farm.  I may want to start longer walks along the

I want to be appreciative and seem to be on the wrong path.
My back over the last week has been back to its old discomfort.

I believe this is coloring my mood.

I am thankful for my wife, son, mother and for all the help people are offering.

Perhaps I need to start lighting the candle again and witnessing what
we are thankful for.   I believe starting to walk in the morning might
be a good start on the days I don’t do yoga.

I want to get out of this rut.

I am thankful for this opportunity.