I want to be appreciative no matter the affairs of the world


9:37 am Thursday

It has been about a month since a wrote.  I have been working on the Malay chicken, M.I.G.H.T Project. I like the project and believe it is a good direction. My back / health has improved from my worst days but still bubbles up.  Regular exercise seems to help.  Viggo and I had a great trip to my hometown in NJ last week.  We went to see the 17-year cicadas and childhood friends.  We saw the cicadas, friends, turtles, colonial farm homestead, parasitic wasps, butterflies, old towns/ hamlets, ticks, bagels, millipedes, fireflies, rolling green hills, birds, ponds, swamps and time of change moving much slower than I am use too.  I loved it and Viggo loved it! I was surprised how little things seem to change there, but I was also surprised to see a little more change than I have seen there in a long time.  People seem to have a little more money, a little more for investing.  I have noticed this part of the US seems to be one of the areas that rises last economically in the US during boom times.  What I like about the area is that it has known loss and is more interesting and beautiful because of it.

I am always a little uncomfortable, as most people are, but I am finding the current flush of prosperity or perhaps just spending and the tighten labor and commodity markets to be spooky.  The loss that my hometown seems to whisper is a reminder that loss is near, but the forgetting of this loss socially and individually is understandable but no less disturbing to me.

Fear is a funny thing, perhaps I am just being taken by it.  I do not believe I am particularly afraid but anticipating more turbulence. I believe the world was galvanized in fear.  Perhaps this fear has run its coarse and people will return to the status quo.  I guess there is no real point in trying to prognosticate.

I want to be appreciative no matter the affairs of the world, but something seems so eerie to me, and I am not sure I can put a finger on it.

I am thankful that Viggo is doing so well.  I am thankful that Shuna is in better spirits. I am thankful that my mom is doing great and that Shuna’s mother is doing a little better.  Our farm is a little overwhelming to say the least, but I am thankful to have this project and mission to be more appreciative and to encourage others.

I am thankful for this opportunity.