I seem to have a hard time focusing these days



8:04 am Tuesday


Well, I seem to be writing a lot less.  I have been swallowed whole by my corporate job which also happens to be my business with two other partners.

It seems to be fully engrossing at the moment.  It reminds me again that these first steps down any given path have the potential of sweeping one down it.

I hope that this will be true for the steps we have taken down ATM/ Cascadia Heritage Farm path.

I notice I seem to have a hard time focusing these days, thusly having a harder time sitting and considering stuff.

There are changes that I am having some influence over and some that are just happening.  I am curious if my theory of how to be more appreciative based on behavior and surroundings will be true, along with the beliefs that I will be taken over by it if I prepare myself for this visitation.

I seem to be taking steps down this path, we will see if I get swept away by it.


I am thankful for this opportunity.