Fat and seem to be smothered by my own sedentary lifestyle


7:20 am Tuesday

It is Tuesday.

I will go for a walk.

My wrist is still bothering me, but I believe it is getting better.

I hopefully can do Yoga tomorrow.

I am fat and seem to be smothered by my own sedentary lifestyle.

It was good to go on a walk yesterday.

It is time for me to become more physically active.

I hope I will be successful at it.

I experienced something curious but familiar yesterday.

I was talking with the neighbors yesterday at their BBQ.

It was kind of them to invite us over. I had something I wanted to say.

I wanted to communicate these ideas of ATM, but strangely enough, I forgot

what I wanted to say.   I completely forgot this internal

conversation I have been working on for 5 years.  I have had this issue all my adult life:

Working on trying to figure out a concept but I cannot hold onto it.  It slips away, leaving almost

no trace.  In part, that is why I was interested in making art.  I used art projects to help

me capture these Heffalumps.   The art would provide a visual queue to guide me back to this strange

internal land that seems to fade in and out of focus.  I believe we need to encourage the values we

want to be a vessel for, because there is flood of influences that are competing to be me.

I am thankful for this opportunity.