Be vigilant, we are participating in a miracle that entreats us to bear witness.


10:21 am Sunday

I am tired.  It has been over a week since I wrote.

I had dreams about consciousness. Consciousness is awareness.

In this dream there seemed to be a paradox of consciousness.
Consciousness is not Aware of not being once it is not being.  The
idea that we are this consciousness, this awareness, but this
awareness seems to vanish at times.  Shuna’s mother seems not to have
many memories of her 6 months in the hospital.  Now we move into
memory and consciousness.  She had what one would say is a traditional
consciousness at times in the hospital and does she remember this or not.

Shuna has said when she has lost consciousness, she liked it.  She
mentioned there being nothing. I would agree when I have been put under
for surgery I experienced nothing. I would say I don’t like it.  It
does not make any sense.  Our consciousness seem to be a phenomenon that
is fragile, fleeting, and inexplicable.  In this dream as my
consciousness, me, would not be aware of it, me, not being any longer
and  the idea that this lost consciousness, me, would exist in people
I know and don’t know.  That consciousness is all around us and
persists with or without me.  Indra’s net where we are each one of the
jewels reflecting this collective consciousness helps me visualize
this phenomenon with these jewels flashing as one is born and one dies as
lighting flies pulse through a warm summer night.

Be vigilant, we are participating in a miracle that entreats us to bear witness.

I have not been bearing witness.  I have not been appreciative.  How
strange it all is.

Shuna’s mother’s recovery is a miracle. She is getting stronger each day.
I was looking at her legs that have not been walked on for over 6 months.
They are very thin, and very weak.  She needs a lot of help to get them strong
and help not breaking her legs or other parts.  I am concerned her legs look so
weak that if she puts weight on them she might break or injury something.
I do believe we need a consultation on physical therapy asap.

Shuna’s mother’s recovery is a miracle and it is working its way into my consciousness.

I am thankful for this opportunity.