Update On A 9-Month-Old Rare Beautiful Malay Chicken Born At Cascadia Heritage Farm

We are excited to share a few updated photos of Viggo with a Malay rooster hatched at Cascadia Heritage Farm on 5/10/22. The parents are Malays we got from Jorge Clark of Arizona. He has the best Malays in the USA in our humble opinion.  Thank you, Jorge, for doing a wonderful job. Here is some info on the bloodlines of the parents, Jesus Lanos of Florida, Jim Zook of Pennsylvania, Anthony Williams of Arizona which he got from Jesus Lanos of Florida (Has Rodney Profit Bloodlines), Leonard Storms of Kentucky.

Here is a link to a post documenting when this beauty was just a few months old:

Five Beautiful Malay Chickens Born At Cascadia Heritage Farm, One Poops On Viggo

Viggo loves our birds and so do I!  Viggo and I are pleased how healthy and robust this Malays rooster is so far. He’s not fully grown yet. I like how he moves, his posture, and his coloring. I’m pleased he can fly some too. He has a nice walnut comb like his father. His father did pass away and I’m guessing it was from Merrick’s disease. I believe this Malays rooster will be a good candidate for breeding in the M.I.G.H.T project, Malay invigoration gene hybridization team. Spring is coming and Viggo and I will have to figure out who will breed with whom trying to get healthiest and most robust Malay chickens we can.

Cascadia Heritage Farm will be also looking in and out of the US to find Malay bloodlines to help invigorate the American Malay.  We plan also to reintroduce more foundation stock to the American Malay such as the Kulang, Kolongi, Lari and Hint to add vigor.

We are excited to continue our mission at Cascadia Heritage Farm, we believe we can make a difference and that you can too.