Baby Malay Chicken Adventures, chicks explore the forest


7:39 pm Friday

Baby Malay Chicken Adventures, chicks explore the forest.

Viggo had a great idea of taking two of our Malay chicks, a critically endangered chicken breed, on adventures and sharing them with you.
These two Malay chicks were hatched on January 25th on our farm.
There is a male and female; both are doing great. On April 20th Viggo decided to have these two cute chicks go into the forest.

Viggo’s romp in the forest with these two chicks went well. He took them on a fallen tree that he loves to climb to show them a nice roost up on the root ball. He usually takes our two dogs Dot and Thor on this adventure. Viggo says that the birds had a good time, I know Viggo had a great time. Please keep an eye out for our next “Baby Malay Chicken Adventures” and developments on our M.I.G.H.T, Malay Invigoration Gene Hybridization Team, Project. We at Cascadia Heritage Farm believe we can make a difference and you can too.