Art, Agriculture And A Call To Joy!


7:22 am Wednesday

Art, Agriculture And A Call To Joy

We started our farm to embrace appreciation, love, joy and the miracle of just being.

I am hoping we can create arresting images of us with our endangered heritage breeds in moments of joy. I am hoping to invite others to help us create such joyful moments and share them. 

Viggo has a favorite asil chicken that he loves. Viggo is thrilled that he has trained this rooster to be calm when he holds it over his head. He wanted to create a photo of himself on our beautiful Dales Pony, Bess, with his favorite chickens held calmly over his head. Viggo loves our chickens and all the animals on the farm. We are so proud of him! I am thankful to have the opportunity to share Viggo’s creative vision with you.