Horse Power


12:24 pm Saturday

Hi Brittany,

Thank you for the email and question.

I am not aware of any other members that are using rare breed ponies
for farm work.

We are planning to in spring.  We have gotten a horse tractor and work harness.
We have a large hügelkultur garden we have been using our horse manure on.
We want to have our ponies, Dales Ponies, be an integral part of our farm.  If we can show a
successful partnership we believe others will want to team up with
ponies to have a fuller relationship with them.  Small scale farming
seems like such a battle and the
knowledge base to farm with animals seems to facing a possible

Our interest is not just in preserving genetic diversity with these
breeds but also in diversity of ideas, approaches, lifestyle, farming….etc. Out of true diversity grows health, hope and appreciation.

Wish us luck and I will enclose a few photos of our garden that has
been fueled by horse power!