First Hello

Hello!  This farm is our home, our endless project, our refuge, and the refuge of a handful of critically endangered breeds of farm animals.  Its inhabitants are so special to us, and we hope that they and their kind can become more known, and more special, to you as well.  In this photo you see one of our beautiful and beloved Dales Ponies, our smallest and youngest mare, Raspotnik Arabella.  She stands 13.3 1/4 hands tall.  I fell in love with this pony when I first saw a video of her.  At that time I thought we’d be getting one or two mares, probably ones that were trained.  Arabella had not been started yet, and I was at a low point physically, having a hard time walking any distance, unable to ride, and not confident that I would be able to start a youngster.  I didn’t think I’d be able to get her.  But I wanted to.

When our house in Bothell sold for more than we’d expected it to, I decided we should start with more ponies than we’d originally planned to start with.  We bought the mares Raspotnik Arabella, Raspotnik Carly and the stallion Kingmaker Talisman from Ken Raspotnik in Wisconsin, who is working on retiring from farming.

All of these original three ponies, and the four that have come to us since then, have been truly delightful to have in our lives.  Arabella is a very sweet, friendly, willing and yet opinionated little mare.  She is now pleasant to ride, pulls a cart, pulls people on a sled, won the Dales Pony Suitability For Dressage class at our region’s Dressage Sporthorse Breeder’s show last summer, and quickly mastered every obstacle at a trail obstacle course we went to recently.  I love working with her and will take her to her first ridden dressage show this coming Saturday.

Want to know more about Dales Ponies?  Please send us a line!  Or wait for future blogs.  I think I’ll be sharing a lot.  😉