To My Husband, At His Request

Unusual for me, but no photos. Today has been rough. We always have the potential for full days with our little farm. An additional phone call today was hard. My mom. Questions about goals, regression, power of attorney, illicit oral intake of food and water, nutrition, protein, osteomyelitis, warfarin, green veggies. Hopes. What hopes? I know there’s a reason but why on earth is she still alive?
It was hard for me but I knew I needed to go for a ride after the call. I walked to Taz’s track paddock. When he saw me he came running. Stopped next to me. I haven’t ever done this before but today I put my arms around his neck and cried. He stood perfectly still. Then I saw windblown douglas-fir and western hemlock branches the goats would enjoy so I walked around, picking them up and tossing them into the area the goats are in. Taz followed me, staying very close and stopping for a hug when needed. Why are these animals so soulful?
As I was getting him ready to ride, picking out his hooves, his body tensed and his foot stomped down to the ground. I jumped back and looked at him. Why? There was a reason. I heard it behind me as six Dales Ponies came galloping toward us. They’d figured out the new gate latch. Robin, our young stallion, was among them. I stayed by Taz to keep them away from him and yelled for George. He was talking to someone and it took a while for him to hear me. Thankfully grain and one halter were all we needed to get the escapees back where they belonged.
Taz was excited but unscathed. On our ride I tried to remember my riding position, my physical quirks and infirmities, and their remedies. But mostly I just rode my pony.
When we came home in the dark, Tommy and Viggo were working hard digging a trench. Viggo loves working hard, and very much looks forward to Tommy‘s visits. He’s learned a lot from Tommy
over the years.
After I put Taz away I started cooking the next batch of food for my mom. I got many of the ingredients from her house, and some from our pantry. Others came from our garden. The best plants, the most nutritious plants, are the ones that have been stressed. The ones exposed to sunlight, bitten by insects or chickens, etc. I try to find these for my mom in the dark. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring for her, and I want to give her the best that I can. Hug your loved ones, cry when you need to, and appreciate the beauty of the world around you. It does not make sense and it will not last, but it is beautiful.